Welcome to the Mediation Dialogue Institute.

Professional mediators are neutral parties who help people to resolve their disputes. Mediation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) are rapidly growing fields of study.  They are sought-after skills in the workplace, Business and in family conflicts. Most times, people use mediators / negotiators when they wish to preserve relationships, reduce stress, save money and time.

Training, Consulting, Workshops, Coaching, & Services.

MDI  is a member of The National Association of Certified Mediators (NACM*). As National Certified Mediator Trainers (NCMT), our training are developed to:

  • Provide mediation education to individuals who are seeking a professional career in Conflict Analysis and Management through the understanding of the mediation / or negotiation process. 
  • Provide 1, 2,  5, or 7 days in mediation / negotiation training.
  • Provide professional advancement to individuals / organizations seeking professional advancements in the workplace.
  • Provide professional skills on how to prevent  and  manage workplace conflict successfully in this present century.
  • Provide advance skills on how to balance work life with home life ( become a well-adjusted and productive person, parent, or spouse.
  • Provide advance skills on how to prevent or manage family conflict successfully.
  • Provide ADR skills  to hospitals  in accord with  JCAHO (LD.3.10.EP5)                              

Our certificate program trains our students in Business, Family, Divorce, community, and Workplace mediation, and as such; there is no need to make multiple trainings. Our students are guided through the 5 stages of mediation and its application.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who want to be a professional mediator or negotiator.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to apply the power for greater success in business  and in life.
  • Anyone looking to better face and solve today's complex family and / or business problems.
  • Anyone wishing to develop his /her interpesonal skills. 

* NACM is typically used as a third party to verify the credentials of mediation professionals.

It is important that you get your mediation training, CEU, CLE through us - the best. ENROLL NOW!